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How to resolve a black screen display



  • Christo S Luke

    I've purchased 2 of your horoscopes and set them up. Every time I go to start it it shows a picture for about 5-10seconnds and the app goes to an orange screen

  • Jimmy Palmer

    Bug fixed works as designed,thanks guy's

  • Coy Jones

    I have set everything up on the app and when I got to the picture of the screen where show the inside of your ear I couldn't give a show on my phone

  • Susan Zipf

    None of these fixes have worked for me. The scope worked until I got a new phone. It isn't working at all now. I can't figure out what is going on.

  • Carol Schmidt

    I bought one and I absolutely wish I hadn't now, it's been nothing but trouble trouble trouble and more hard crap one after another. From not being able to get it connected finally got that now a Black screen, orange screening, picture fail and I still haven't been able to look in my ear still. I'm probably gonna return it and get my money back. So dissatisfied with the product because I can't even use it. It should be way easier than this.

  • Kari Combs

    I have had the same issue as Carol Schmidt. Except it actually worked long enough to see my palm to make sure it was working. Then when it went to look in my ear, I have had nothing but the black screen, and it won't clear. I followed the troubleshooting tips and nothing helps.

  • Apostasia Elegchō

    Just bought this. Been trying to connect for an hour. Finally got it connect and all I get is a black screen. Hands down, the worst product I've ever purchased. I'm taking it back to Walmart tonight. Your troubleshooting suggestions are completely useless. I'm a guru when it comes to Networking issues. If I can't figure this out, I don't know who else can. 

  • Lonnie Breeden

    This resolution does not work. I still have a black screen 100% of time

  • Ingrid Seitz Ortiz

    The screen keeps displaying black after trying all of this suggestions

  • Francesca D

    So not worth the price. It literally sucks. Those simple solutions do not help. I'm checking settings that could have changed, since it did work and now it doesnt. But. It's works on another phone just fine..


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